Welcome to SPACE SIPs. We are the wholesale factory direct Distributor for Premier SIPs, the #1 SIP Manufacturer. Providing Prefabricated SIP packages & EPS Products to Top Rated Green Residential, Retail, Educational, Commercial, Municipal, and Federal Government projects. ​We provide outstanding licensed professional services & support working directly with leading Architects, Builders, and Developers to deliver high efficiency performance buildings.

Due to Prefabrication, SIP Building Envelops install in 50% of the time. Structurally SIPs are 2 1/2 times the strength of wood or steel framing. A big benefit, SIP Roofs are solid, which means, NO venting saving on labor & materials. NO venting helps prevents dust, mold, and fire intrusion.  SIPs also save 60 to 70% heating or cooling costs, which means a lower Building Carbon Footprint for the LIFE of the building. Considered in the industry a GREEN method of building, SIPs provide roughly 1/3 points towards Platinum or Silver ratings in Green Programs, such as, LEED and PassiveHaus standards. Easily meet Mandatory Green Codes, such as, CalGreen. No other building systems can deliver this cost to benefit ratio. Current ICC-ES & NTA Code reports.

As of 2017 we now offer Graphite EPS in our SIP cores. Graphite EPS provides a 21% increase in R-Values. Graphite EPS provides for a clean inert building shell. In some Climate Zones in California that means having the ability to meet current Title 24 Energy Codes and Build with a 4" Wall.